Our services range from the delivery of complete turnkey solutions to the execution of certain construction activities. Advanced Construction Services Contracting L.L.C. (ACSC) is an Abu Dhabi-based contractor since 2013 to serve the company in the Uae. ACSC will take care of new construction work as well as additions, conversions, renovations and full maintenance of all types of buildings, especially those of the following types: “ACS has shown excellent quality in all aspects of the project, from pre-construction bids to the final location of the hatch cover.” We are a construction company that uses modern techniques and accumulated knowledge to provide building construction solutions that help meet the needs of society in the UAE and the demands of its growth and prosperity. Our goal is to consistently remain one of the most popular companies in our category and to continue to be elevated to higher categories by retaining and developing our own team of professional employees and suppliers, working according to the highest standards of professional values and ethics to ensure the happiness of our customers. For over 15 years, Advanced Construction Services Inc. has provided construction services to a number of government clients. During this period, we have completed various types of projects that include many NAICS codes without losing our focus on safe delivery of exceptional quality, under budget and on time. We employ experienced and knowledgeable staff who represent all facets of successful project execution. Advanced Construction Services Inc. uses the construction quality management process developed and implemented by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for all aspects of project management.

Advanced Construction Services Inc. has completed many successful projects for a variety of government clients. “ACS has done a great job for the government and has gone beyond contractual requirements at no additional cost and for the benefit of governments.” “ACS is a very professional outfit. His knowledge of regulatory requirements was exceptional. Your management is very familiar with the regulations. They pay attention to the customer`s needs without compromising security. ».